You don’t just rush into a transformation

Had a couple of “power” coaching sessions today. Not trying to impress you — I just felt the sessions were rushed through. On both occasions, the clients powered through their objectives before concluding the session. They were happy to have arrived at a viable solution. I wasn’t. In fact, I was thoroughly dissatisfied with missing […]

Leadership is a contact sport

And the more in contact you are with your stakeholders (bosses, peers and/or direct reports) the better it is for you as a leader. Not just to get things done or to accomplish those big-hairy-audacious-goals but for the most significant leadership behavioral change. There’s a reason why companies embrace 360 reviews or are letting go […]

“Bare basics” is a great start

Spent a chunk of this morning figuring out an effective content marketing strategy that quite literally is “elementary” by a professional marketer’s standards. I can tell because I felt I could’ve added a lot more meat to the bones but then I didn’t. I remember creating the first draft for the same organization — a […]

Ten rules for “serious” writers

Adapted from B.R. Meyers‘ fascinating book A Reader’s Manifesto. I’d honestly completely forgotten about it (I really wasn’t into bookmarking or saving “valuable” stuff back then) until recently when I bumped into this again while browsing Wikipedia. And I remembered exactly why I’d loved these in the first place — they’re funny enough to be […]

Coaching the whole-person

As coaches, we’re often focused on coaching the person and not the problem. That’s the key to transformation coaching anything else is being less creative and more methodical. Not exactly an ideal approach for a world-class coach. One emerging trend that I see these days is how concerned people are to coach the “whole-person.” A […]

Stay away from the “new” stuff

I think one of the biggest obstacles we face in this day and age of information overload (and constipation) is ignoring the shiny “new” object that promises shortcuts and the pathway to m/b/trillions! What I’ve learned from my (bitter) experience is that there are NO shortcuts. Stop hoping to discover one that will make you […]