Can you be my life coach? 

The answer is NO. Particularly when you’re so desperate for solutions. Almost 70% of my potential clients would absolutely ask this question. And here’s the bummer, I don’t market myself as a life coach nor do I have any desire to become a life coach. I’m an executive coach, which can turn into life coaching […]

When shouldn’t you hire a coach?

I’ve been getting a lot of queries for coaching services lately. And as much as I love to coach someone professionally/personally, not everyone makes the cut. I end up refusing more than half of the leads that come through. Why? Because for the most part, the potential clients aren’t ready to get coached! Here’s the […]

Bull’s eye!

Eugen Herrigel was a German professor who taught Philosophy at Tohoku Imperial University in Sendai, Japan in the 1920s. He also studied the art of Japanese archery, Kyudo, hoping to explore and study Zen. Though Mr. Herrigel’s work doesn’t have anything to do with the art and science of coaching, at least directly, his book Zen in […]

Want to help? Stop giving advice!

Yeah, you read that right. Stop giving advice. Particularly when a friend/family member/spouse/parent/child approaches you for help. Now, I don’t mean you should push them off the cliff or leave them hanging there. Don’t be stupid. What I mean is this — almost 99% of the time people play games (unconsciously, of course!) which makes […]

Cure for unproductive Fridays..

If you’re like me you really care about the last working day of the week, don’t you? And we know it’s not because of the weekend or lesser work pressure but the fact that we get the least done on Fridays. At least historically. The challenge becomes graver when your colleagues are in the mood […]

Be here, now

You know what’s the toughest bit when the spotlight’s on you? To be yourself. And it gets worse when you’re literally on stage as a stand-up comic or a speaker/keynote presenter. The feeling’s same even when you’re coaching someone. The problem? We’re wearing different hats and try to “live” the roles. This might sound normal […]